Delivery Information For Ordering From Italian Battery Toys, Home of Peg Perego Toys in the UK

UK 2023 Delivery Information

Delivery charges are calculated on a per-order basis. Please make note of the delivery charges associated with each order. The delivery fee at present is just £4.95 per order for Most UK locations. As regular customers know, the Peg Perego Battery toys for which we are official UK distributors are very popular during the warmer months and especially at Christmas time. Don't hesitate to order to ensure you can secure one of these very special toys for birthdays and special gifts throughout 2023

  • PLEASE NOTE; The amazing toys we sell are VERY LARGE items which need to be delivered by professionals to ensure your products arrive safe.
  • To ensure this your order will likely have to come delivered on a professional courier service.
  • When you place an order, our order processing team will inform the couriers of a due consignment. The third party couriers will then contact you directly by telephone to arrange a convenient day for you to take the delivery.
  • UK bound orders typically take just 2 working days. You need to order by 11:00am for same day dispatch.
  • If you have left it late getting a present, or have a spur of the moment purchase then sometimes Express delivery is available, and you can request this before purchase by emailing us.
  • However for the reasons above, but mainly us wanting to get your product to your safe and securely we do sometimes have to use professional pallet delivery companies who cannot always offer next day delivery. 

European Delivery Information - ** Please note we have suspended European Orders Due to time and costs involved with importation documentation post Brexit.

European would usually take 7 working days to arrive. We can only deliver to mainland Europe & Ireland. This means we cannot send to countries such as Malta, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Cyprus and other island dwelling Europeans - we can however work with freight companies here in the UK so please Contact us to inquire about freight forwarding services.

With European orders we would suggest that you contact us first to let us know what you would like to order and where you would like it sent too. We can then calculate the exact cost of supplying you with your order and you can pay via an e-invoice. You are however more than welcome to simply order online, our default delivery charge is £49.00, however some destinations may require an additional surcharge. Please note that some products cannot be sent to non-eu countries such as Norway, Switzerland and Gibraltar, so we may need to refund you. Although we can advise of how to get around our products to the borders towns/cities with these countries.


Ordering Online

Ordering Online with us is safe and secure! We employ a method of interaction with our visitors that does not compromise credit card information. This online system is 100% safe and secure.

We encourage our customers to feel comfortable using your credit card to conduct commerce on our site. If you wish, you may also send us a Postal Order (only) or a personal cheque. Personal cheques will delay your order as we must wait for your funds to clear before we ship any merchandise.

Your Statutory rights are not affected by any of the following store policies.

Return / Refund Policy

In the very unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the goods and inform us within fourteen days of your receipt of the goods, we will ask you to return them to us [if you just 'didn't really want the item'] in the original packaging and in an unused condition [no use outside, no signs of use etc], if you discard of the original packaging or construct/use the vehicle we cannot process a refund. Or if the item arrives damaged in transit we will require you to send a photograph[s] so we can see if we can offer advice, or send a replacement part and only if after working with us to help resolve the matter via advice or parts and the issue still persists shall we arrange to collect them (the whole order) and give a full refund. Or, we will repair/replace items [if in stock] if they are damaged on delivery to you and we are notified within 7 days of the customers receipt of the product. All products to be returned must be carefully repackaged in their original packing, otherwise this could effect your replacement/refund. In the event that a customer misses multiple attempted deliveries of your order and the item has to come back to us as undelivered, we are happy to refund customers, however we will have to recoup our delivery cost of £4.95 + the return fee of £25.

 If in the unlikely event that you experience problems with your order we will not bring in the car for repair until all other avenues have been tried as we know from research that 95% of complaints are through customer error. If after making suggestions, offering advice, sending spare parts to be fit by the customer, you are still experiencing problems with your toy, only then will we arrange for collection of the item. If we arrange for collection of an item on a set date, then you must be available all day as the collection can take place from any time between 08:30 - 17:30, if you miss your collection date we reserve the right to charge you for the cost of the failed collection and the customer is then responsible to return the item to us. We will only process a refund if our technician decides that the fault with the toy is a manufacturers fault. If we find that there is nothing wrong with the toy or that the issue was very minor or that the issues raised were caused by customer error then we will not be able to process a refund, we will simply re-send the item back to our customers.


Goods are charged at price shown on the product pages on the date the customer places the order and are inclusive of VAT. Prices are correct at time of publication. Errors and omissions are excepted. Orders will be processed at our published prices, otherwise, in the case of any unexpected change in price, you will be informed and asked if you wish to reconsider your order before proceeding.


If we should receive a complaint about any part of our service, by phone, fax, e-mail or letter, then it will be dealt with professionally and promptly (we will reply within 5 working days).It will then be dealt with fast and confidentially.

Warranty information

All of our cars come with a 12 months parts warranty

Your product will give your child a lot of fun times ahead if used in the right way. As tempting as it may be to have a go yourself, overloading the toy can can burn out the motors very quickly - as will using it on uneven surfaces, gravel & mud. It is also very important that you do not push the vehicle around without power as the wheels are permanently engaged in the motors and moving it manually will damage the motors.

Please note that batteries, motors, chargers, remotes and wheels are classed as consumables and only include a 30 day warranty for manufacturing defects. We provide no warranty for problems caused by not following the advice above.

The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations Please find further information about our waste battery returns service here: Peg Perego Battery Toys Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations.

Company Information

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Call us on 01603 343 990